UQ processes more than 200,000 expense receipts manually each year, with claims taking on average 7 to 10 days to process. The current processes for expense management have resulted in a cumbersome administrative burden as well as low user satisfaction. The Travel and Expense Management (TEM) project aims to address these issues (for staff).

The new Expense Management System (EMS) and mobile app were released on 14 August 2017 as part of Release 1. The release of this exciting new solution:

  • simplifies corporate credit card reconciliation
  • enables quicker claiming of expense reimbursements, anytime and anywhere.

The Expense Management solution is a cloud-based expense management system (ProMaster) that incorporates the UQ Travel Account (which provides simplified payment for travel) and the existing Online Booking Tool, as well as integration to Aurion and UniFi.

The scope of the project is delivered in 2 releases, through effective management of change, and applies to all staff.

Benefits of the system

The new Expense Management System:

  • provides a quicker credit card reconciliation process and removal of duplicate activities to save an estimated 20% of effort across UQ
  • provides the ability for staff to take photographs of receipts and submit them through a mobile app or via direct upload to the Expense Management System. This removes the need to collect and keep track of hard copy receipts. We also don’t need to store hard copies of approximately 200,000 receipts for each year
  • reduces time between incurring expenses and posting to the general ledger to improve visibility of project and operational costs, helping University budget holders to manage their budgets better
  • reduces time between submission of an expense reimbursement claim and payment to enable staff to receive reimbursement in their account on average 3 days faster (from an average of 7 to 10 days to an average of 4 to 7 days)
  • enables a simpler domestic travel booking process to reduce the number of steps (including removing the commitment and payment steps), resulting in a better user experience for anyone booking travel
  • reduces rework due to errors in processing travel payments, which removes administrative work chasing up invoices and purchase orders
  • provides the ability to secure domestic travel bookings instantly when booking through the online booking tool, meaning current booking delays will become a thing of the past
  • saves University travel costs through reduced booking fees and no longer raising purchase orders
  • improves visibility and duty of care for UQ travellers, so that UQ can provide support if disaster strikes.

Project updates


Use these posters to promote EMS ProMaster in your area:

Project team

Name Position
Phil Grech Project Manager
Hassan Ali Test Manager
Justin Northage Senior Business Analyst
Paul Schattling Technical Lead
Rachel Johnson FBS Business Representative
Ramon Kok Change Manager
Rod Lennox Business Transition Manager

Steering group

Name Position
Andrew Betts Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Business Services (Chair)
Andrew Hannan Director, Service Enhancement
Karen Wheeler Associate Director, Finance and Business Services Operations, Financial Operations
Rob Moffat Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services
Suresh Chand Director, Governance and Risk, Enterprise Risk Unit
Marni Jacoby Faculty Executive Manager, Medicine
Phil Grech Project Manager, TEM project
Jeremy Crowley Director, Corporate Operations (Observer)
Katrina Green Manager, University Travel (Observer)
Tamra Saayman Associate Director, Internal Audit (Observer)

Working group

Name Position
Karen Wheeler Associate Director, Financial Operations, Finance and Business Services Division (Chair)
Grace Loh Finance and Personnel Officer, Health and Behavioural Sciences
Megha Samtani Financial Services Coordinator, Finance Professional Services, Medicine
Julie-Ann Harlow Senior Management Accountant, Finance Professional Services, Science
Karen Perkins School Manager, School of Psychology
Kay Hodge Financial Services Coordinator, Finance Professional Services, Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Kellie Swan Finance Manager, Finance Professional Services, Business Economics and Law
Liane Spencer Financial Services Coordinator, Finance Professional Services, Central
Lucinda Essery Office Manager, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Cindy Cheung Financial Services Coordinator, Finance Professional Services, Institutes
Monique Doyle Administrative Officer, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President
Nicole McArthur Financial Services Coordinator, Finance Professional Services, Humanities and Social Sciences
Pauline McLean Manager, Accounts Payable, Finance and Business Services
Katrina Green Manager, University Travel