APARA is dedicated to implementing technology and processes to ensure consistent and standardised payments and revenue receipting at UQ.

Project update - 6 August 2018

Client skills training schedule

The APARA project team is running 45-minute skill enhancement workshops to teach staff the correct and compliant processes for buying and receipting goods during Accounts Payable Automation. Download the training schedule to find a workshop suitable for you:

APARA finance officer presentation slides

An APARA project presentation was held on 25 July 2018 for Senior Finance Officers and Finance Officers. You can download the slides from that presentation:

APARA project

The current processes:

  • vary across finance teams
  • require significant manual processing and are therefore prone to error
  • provide little detail to external parties
  • have lengthy cycle times.

UQ has initiated a project to:

  • streamline and standardise processes
  • implement a system solution to provide automation to accounts payable and receivable processes through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, robotics and intelligent workflow.

The APARA project will be delivered:

  • by a dedicated team within Finance
  • by end of November 2018
  • in consultation with Business Reference Groups
  • with dedicated communications and training programs.

Benefits to UQ

The project will deliver:

  • consistent and standardised processes across accounts payable and receivable
  • self-service information portal for vendors
  • reduced processing time for invoices
  • improved management of debtors
  • automated workflow for financial delegates
  • improved functionality for process owners and end users.

Potential impact

Users that will be impacted by the project are:

  • all staff engaging with and raising invoices for customers
  • all finance staff processing accounts payable and receivable
  • all staff receipting and authorising payments for goods and services.

Contact the APARA project team if you have any questions or concerns.


Project team

Name Position
Katherine Graham Project / Change Manager, APARA Project
Paul Schattling Technical Lead
Nick Grant Lead Business Analyst
Michelle Marfiga Business Analyst
Simone Saltmarsh Functional / Systems Analyst
Angela Liu Functional / Systems Analyst
Becky Holland Administration Assistant

Steering Committee

Name Position
Andrew Betts (Chair) Chief Financial Officer
Rob Moffatt Chief Information Officer
Suresh Chand Director Corporate Risk, Governance and Compliance
Karen Wheeler Associate Director, Financial Operations, FBS
Jodi Clyde-Smith Deputy Director, Operations and Strategy, IMB
David Mayocchi Faculty Executive Manager, HaSS
Phil Carter Finance Manager, Medicine PSt
Stephen Coombs School Manager, Chemical Engineering
Katherine Graham Project / Change Manager, APARA Project 

Working Group – Accounts Payable

Name Position
Karen Wheeler (Chair) Associate Director, Financial Operations, FBS
Pauline McLean Manager, Accounts Payable, FBS
Vivienne Counter Manager, Enterprise Support Systems
Rachel Johnson Procurement Analyst, Strategic Procurement
Donna Eason Floor Manager, Institute of Molecular Bioscience
Kay Hodge Financial Services Coordinator, EAIT PSt
Nicole McArthur Financial Services Coordinator, HaSS PSt
Megha Samtani Financial Services Coordinator, Medicine PSt
Elle Gardner Finance Officer, Institutes
Katherine Graham Project / Change Manager, APARA Project

Working Group – Accounts Receivable

Name Position
Karen Wheeler (Chair) Associate Director, Financial Operations, FBS
Decia Guttormsen Manager, Collections and Receivables, FBS
Vivienne Counter Manager, Enterprise Support Systems
Liane Spencer Financial Services Coordinator, Central PSt
Joanna Willimott Financial Services Coordinator, HaBS PSt
Klaus Grosseholz Coordinator, Continuing and TESOL Education
Brian Bynon Scientific Officer, School of Veterinary Science
Koki Thavarajoo Memberships Officer, ITS
Katherine Graham Project / Change Manager, APARA Project